Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to set up and secure the Bubble tent/ Giant Snow Globe?

The set up is easily accomplished with 2 people and can be done in 20-30 minutes from start to finish.

How does the Bubble Tent/ Giant Snow Globes stay inflated and what happens if the blower stops working?

Our Bubble Tent/ Life Size Snow Globes use a constant air blowing system that mantains a static pressure, which enables the tent to keep its shape. 

Should the air inflations system stop working,you will have several minutes to get out of the Bubble tent before it would collapse. Each unit comes with an Entryway Pole System that provides support and safety. Even if the tent were to deflate the entry system remains erected and serves an escape route.

Air Inflation System

They are virtually silent, approximately as loud as a small bathroom fan    

  • 1.5 Amps 

  • 1/8 HP 

  • 600 CFM   

  • 3-speed RPM (1100/1250/1500)    

  • weight: 10 lbs       

  • Safety Certificates: ETL/ C-ETL  Thermally Protected from Overheating

What is air quality like in a Bubble Tent?

With the inflation system running, the total air volume is recycled every 6-8 times per hour ensuring a constant source of fresh air.

Winter Weather Conditions 

We don’t recommend using the bubble tent in the winter months or in temperatures under 32 f, or -0 c. Usage is entirely up to the owner(s) discretion. Remove all snow from the dome once it begins to get thick, as the weight of the snow can cause the tent to collapse if left unattended. You can use a small flame resistant portable heater in the tent to bring it to try to bring it to room temperature (under the discretion of the owner). Never fold, unfold or disrupt the placement of this unit in those conditions, otherwise you risk damaging your unit(s).

Rainy Weather

If there are heavy rains or if it is prone to rain for 2 days or more in a row, the dome(s) can be used in the rain at the discretion of the owner(s). We don’t recommend using the tent in the rain due to the possibility of leaking.

Our tents are water-resistant. Our fabrics are coated with a finish that makes them impervious to water, but not entirely waterproof. 

With extended exposure to water or heavy rain, water can bead up on or under the fabric. This can lead to droplets making their way through the fabric, particularly on or around seams where sewing needles have punctured the material in the fabrication process. You can use an outdoor waterproofing spray along the seams to help prevent any leaking. 

*Before attempting this please get instructions from the main office first, contact us.

If your tent structure is deflated for some time with water on top of it, it can cause a milky white effect to happen. Inflate your bubble hut tent in the sunlight and let it sit for a fews days and the milky white will disappear.

Summer Heat

We don’t recommend using a bubble tent/globe in temperatures of 85+f or 29 c without an ac system or shade.

To avoid uncomfortable temperatures within the Tent, place the Bubble in a shady area or under a Tarpaulin of some sort. 

Unzip the doorway to the Bubble Tent for a few minutes to allow for the hot air to escape (the air blowing system must be running)

We can custom design your tent to fit a cooling system that you will be using with your unit. We just need the measurements of the unit you will be using to create the ports. 

Never fold or unfold the Bubble Tent in hot temperatures or when in constant sun rays, it can affect the clarity of the unit.  We recommend either folding it up in the NEVER  - cooler seasons or bring it indoors and folding it there.

 Under normal conditions, a tent/globe can last up to 5+ years depending on proper usage, care, and storage of the tents

 ***The sun will damage anything over an extensive period of time, but with the proper placement, planning and care you can extend the lifetime of your bubble hut to provide years use us.

High Winds

We do not recommend using it in winds of 59+ km/h 

The bubble tent/Giant Snow globes must be secured down to the ground or base.

If you are using your Bubble tent or Life size Snow Globe for a public event, be sure to know what the city/area/territory standards are for wind speeds and safety.

What happens if the Bubble tent is punctured or ripped?

Your Bubble Tent will remain inflated as long as the blower(s) are running, you will want to repair the inflatable bubble tent as soon as possible


How do you clean the Bubble Tents?

All you need is water and a mild soap (No Chemical solutions)

Using any other solutions besides what was suggested, will cause damage to your Bubble Tent

Are there options with these Bubble Tents?

Yes!  We offer these as custom-made products,Each of the Bubble Tents from Bubble Huts LLC is hand crafted in our production facility in Phoenix Arizona.

Bubble Huts offers custom color and design options including, the number of rooms, room sizes, full transparency or partially opague for privacy and more! 

Is there a warranty on my Bubble Tent/Globe?

 We have a Two-year warranty on our Bubble Tents / Giant Snow Globes that covers, manufacturing defects, materials and Labor only. We will NOT cover any damages that occur from improper use or care of the unit (S). We do NOT cover the shipping cost for the repairs to be done.

 We do NOT claim any responsibility for any damages/harm that occurs to a person(s) or property, while or from the use one of our products. Those who own and/or purchase any of our products are solely responsible for any harm or damage that may occur through the use of this product.

What is the Bubble Hut Tent/Globe(s) Life Span?

They will last approximately 5+ years if you use them correctly, according to our recommendations.