The Best Small Business Trend

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The latest trend within the business realm is a thing called "popups".  Popup businesses of all types are taking off in today's marketplace and are spreading out across the USA.

What if I told you the hottest, fastest growing trend and long-lasting earning potential is a pop-up hotel, is that even possible"?

The answers is “yes”! More and more businesses are popping up, whether its a boutique, kiosk at an outdoor market or mini guest accommodations, mini pop up businesses are taking off.

Inflatable Hotel Rooms

Spending the night in an inflatable hotel room is a memorable and unique experience that is loved by people of all ages.

And the best part about these popup hotels is that you don’t have to give up on comfort or luxury.

Sleep Under the Stars

Despite any concerns or questions, you may have, I can reaffirm to you that Popup Hotels are on the rise in the US, with a lot of potential for economic growth.

Search online for yourself and you will see the tremendous amount of potential and economic growth this can have in your business and life.

The pop-up hotel concept is a definite opportunity for new or veteran entrepreneurs that are looking to create a new business or expand their pre-existing one.

As the next generation of travelers and hotel guest are coming on the scene, the Millennial Generation will have a significant role to play in the hospitality business of pop-up hotels.

Bubble Huts LLC - American Bubble Tent Manufacturer

Even though many of those millennials are still too young to be the economic backbone within the travel, leisure, and hospitality industries doesn't mean they won't be forever. And Many forward-looking companies in the travel and tourism industry are already thinking about how to earn the loyalty and business of U.S. Millennial's.

As a matter of fact, they will be within the next ten years and they are just the generation of future travelers to jump on the wave of this unique and memorable experiences that a popup hotel creates.

As recently stated in an article on the  Boston Consulting Group website, "Millennials in the U.S. value diversity, embrace a global perspective, and are open to new experiences".


And best of all, it's not just the millennial's that are seeking a unique experience, but it’s the older travelers as well, Jason Clampet, co-founder and editor-in-chief of travel site Skift say's, it’s not just millennial's who crave customized experiences.

Elderly Couple

Airbnb, which is like a pop-up hotel in one’s home, has seen the most significant growth in the last year in the over-50 sector.  “People like things that tell a story,” he said.

I have even found that within this fast pace, techy,  internet-driven world, people are seeking an authentic, personal and unique experience where they can connect with nature and others around them.

Outdoor Luxury

If the possibilities of pop-ups intrigue you, why not start small?

You can begin with one, two or three tents at first, design and create a concept of pop-up experiences that you will offer to your guest. 

You never know, you can become a respected leader in the forefront of “Popup Hotels” within the USA.